Yes to Life, No to Mining (YLNM) is a global solidarity network of and for Indigenous Peoples, impacted communities, local organisations, and networks who are standing up for their Right to Say No to Mining and to advance life-sustaining post-extractive futures.


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we stand for life

We have come together under the banner of Yes to Life No to Mining (YLNM) in the shared belief that saying no to mining is a means to guarantee the diverse forms of life on the planet and an absolute necessity at this moment of converging social, economic and ecological crises, rather than a selfish, negative or anti-development position.

we say no to mining

We advocate for approaches that are ecologically and socially just – that value diverse ways of life; that protect the land, air and waters we all rely on. These approaches will take us beyond the inherently violent and harmful practice of extraction as if the Earth has no limits. 

We encourage and celebrate the voices of all Earth Defenders and collaborate with those who inspire the creation, weaving and sustaining of networks centred in justice and solidarity across the globe.

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The delusion of mining for the climate

The delusion of mining for the climate

Decades of ignoring the climate crisis has led to the now rapidly closing window to reverse the most devastating of its impacts. We must act rapidly. But industry and governments have disastrously, and intentionally, oversimplified: our task is to decarbonise, the...

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