Yes to Life, No to Mining (YLNM) is a global solidarity network of and for Indigenous Peoples, impacted communities, local organisations, and networks who are standing up for their Right to Say No to Mining and advancing life-sustaining post-extractive futures


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COP26: Challenging extractive greenwashing

COP26: Challenging extractive greenwashing

     Image: Boldist Here we share a summary of mining and climate-related events at the upcoming People's Summit on Climate Justice, which runs parallel to COP26. These events, organised by YLNM members and our allies, will: Expose how the mining...

Interactive: Europe’s Extractive Frontiers

Interactive: Europe’s Extractive Frontiers

     Image: Bjørnevatn mine, Norway. Photo: Svein Lund New research by the YLNM Network has revealed a spike in the number of mining projects and massive expansion of areas under concession for mining on the island of Ireland and in Sweden, Finland and...

Media Release: Communities expose stark realities of Lithium boom

Media Release: Communities expose stark realities of Lithium boom

On World E-mobility and Zero Emissions Day, a global network of communities directly impacted by lithium extraction have warned against drastically expanding mining in the name of green energy. Doing so risks trampling the rights of marginalised peoples and destroying ecosystems that play a vital role in regulating the global climate, they say.

If you are from frontline communities, a people’s platform, a non-profit organisation, or a national or regional network and are working towards a world beyond mining we would love to hear from you.

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We have come together under the banner of Yes to Life No to Mining (YLNM) in the shared belief that saying no to mining is a means to guarantee the diverse forms of life on the planet and an absolute necessity at this moment of converging social, economic and ecological crises, rather than a selfish, negative or anti-development position.


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Bringing frontline voices to global prominence since 2017, Yes to Life No to Mining (YLNM) has collaborated on campaign and research efforts highlighting the critical need for post-extractive solutions to the climate and ecological crises we face


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